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Holiday Planning

Tami's portraits are popular gifts for moms and grandmas on Mother's Day, dads and grandpas on Father's Day, and everyone on your winter holiday list. Unlike quickie mall studios, we rely on a few superior vendors to provide a quality product. This means orders can take a bit longer to process. We prepare for the holiday rush months in advance - you should too!

Mother's Day & Father's Day
Spring is a terrific time to visit the studio. Whether it's the rainy day indoors or the bees buzzing outdoors, kids' energy is high and Tami knows just how to capture it. Surprise dad on Father's Day or mom on Mother's Day with a fantastic portrait of your child. Since it's a busy time, make sure you plan your session at least 8 weeks in advance and reserve it as early as possible!

Winter Holidays
Fall is always the busiest for us as everyone is preparing for the holidays and planning for their holiday photos. Plan your session at least 8 weeks in advance of the holidays and reserve as early as possible, especially if your kids are older and won’t change too much.

We'll try our best to accommodate busy schedules and help you deliver special gifts year round.The nature of working with children is unpredictability and we are ready for it! On any given day, we can have up to 50% (or sometimes more!) of our bookings cancel. This is not only due to sickness or injury, but when trying to get two parents in (often with one or both working) it becomes increasingly difficult for everyone to make it to the original appointment. You have to weigh the importance of getting that ultimate “baby time” captured (sitting before crawling) versus getting everyone to the session. On the upside, this also means that if you’re flexible enough, you may be able to get in for a session last-minute!

Call us at 415.385.2762 to schedule your holiday session as soon as possible.

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