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Older Kids

Those of you with older kids are well aware of the fact that once kids reach a certain age, taking photos of them is as difficult as it has ever been, even if they aren’t exactly still darting around like a puppy! They are finally self aware and the screaming toddler who was once easily distracted by a new tactic has got you sweating to elicit any “natural expression” at all! (By the way, the crazy insanely unattractive faces they’ve taken to making is their natural state of being at this stage!!!)

As I tell parents, it’s more about entertainment than distraction on my part at this point, and as you’ll see, I can go all out! (Maybe put me in my SpongeBob outfit or with wigs on this page as well?!) And also, it’s important to remind yourselves that you may not like (or actually be frustrated with) some of the images I get at this stage, but someday you’ll remember the goofy innocence that has since long gone.

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