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What's New - Archive

Fall 2005
Summer is finally over and the excitement is high at Tamiland! Having enjoyed a two-week jaunt in the Campania region of Italy this summer with my Argentinian-Italian husband, Pedro Cafasso and his daughter Susy (7), we’re ready to leap into the fall season with exciting new portrait collections, custom collages, personality panels, and portrait books. Our focus this holiday season is to provide more customer service than ever before, assuring the proper presentation of the many choices for preserving your photo history with Tami.

This fall we’re nurturing alliances with other small businesses such as Beleza, kids clothing on Union, the Personalized Gift Stop in Los Altos, Soirée, fine stationery and invitations on Washington, and as always, DayOne, the center for new and expectant parents across from Laurel Village.

In this age of chains, franchises and strip malls, there’s something comforting in knowing the owners… and knowing that all the photos taken in my studio are taken by me!

Spring 2005
WOW! The 1st quarter of ’05 is rapidly coming to a close! Its time we caught up with the digital age….. Don’t worry, you fans of fiber (the type of archival gelatin –silver hand-made prints many of you love)! We’re having our negatives scanned and posting photos on-line for family and fans near and far to enjoy (and choose their own!). The convenience of digital marries the traditional and here we go…. Add into the mix Tamiland’s introduction of Visa/Mastercard….. I can’t believe it took this long. Before you know it, we’ll be doing our invoicing on the computer! Thanks to e-commerce specialist Jonathan Mandel at Checkerbox.com and web designer Bree DeMoss.

DayOne…. Once every other month or so, I’ll be showing up for an afternoon of quickie–sessions at the fabulous center for new and expectant parents (for members only). Nancy Held and Bonnie Rosenstein and I go way back… and don’t forget the entertaining Sara Duskin! So many moms say they don’t know what they’d have done without their help. Great Work!

Yap Wraps….. Irene Trias invented a fun way to pick-up your little dogs and I photographed them. Aileen Dillon took my photos with the perky pups and I made the cut into the catalog! Unlike many photographers, I like both sides of the camera! Even though I’m quite allergic, I so love working with the furry friends and my results that I’m willing to do it at the end of the day to allow for potential clean-up. Babies and their dogs…. Could anything be more irresistible?!

Fall 2004
This section is brand new (as of 09/04) and so is my marital status!  On May 16, ’04, I married Pedro Cafasso (aka Papi P) (left) in a double ceremony with Phyllis Alvarez and Chris Ritchie (our salsa-dancing, Italy-loving good friends from Oakland). Wow! I waited, (well, I won’t say just how many) years for the right friendly, kind, patient, secure and famously wonderful man to come along. And now I have the most beautiful stepdaughter, Susy (left and below, right), 7, as well! Pedro, originally from Argentina by way of New York, teaches Spanish (I also got a translator in the deal!) at St. Ignatius College Prep here in SF. Susy, an endless entertainer and avid model (lucky me!) lives near San Diego with her mom, other Papi and little brother. When she comes up there’s always a party!

We finally moved our bodies out of the business and into a spacious loft in Media Gulch (or the Mission Badlands!) near KQED. Love the space, miss the fog. But now, we can go home and work instead of staying here to work!

As some of you know, I’ve been experimenting with my digital camera both in & out of the studio. I have enjoyed sharing CDs of the digital photos with some of you, and look forward to offering digital capabilities in the near future.

2004 has also been a year of marketing. Heidi Groshelle has secured an article about Tamiland in the local Haight Street paper, the SF Observer, as well as an upcoming exhibit at Parents Place. See exhibits for more places where you can see Tamiland photos. We’re actively pursuing high-traffic areas to display my work…any leads, let us know…..benefits are involved! Heidi’s focusing on the mom’s clubs to keep me in the eyes of the ever-changing Bay Area population. By popular demand, I’ve been continuing to photograph my little clients as they age(they wouldn’t let me stop at age 3!). It is such a pleasure watching them grow.  We’ve also started working with a Bay Area Art consultant who has begun to place my work in the health care sector for many to enjoy. (Thanks to those of you who signed our releases!) My dream of promoting my personal work is happening this fall …something to look forward to!

Take care & enjoy the site!

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